“In 1998 I was asked to train a termite detection canine by a local pest control company. I quickly realized that the training methods being used, which are still being used today could not reach the level of proficiency and accuracy to satisfy the scientific researchers. Due to that I developed a proprietary method that has consistently been proven to produce dogs with high levels accuracy, low levels of false indication regardless of their breed or target odor. This training methodology simplifies the learning process for the dog allowing them to develop the skills as needed in a positive self discovery environment, thus reducing the levels of stress commonly reached during standard cognitive shaping and recognition training. It also removes significant part of the human element during deployment which in our experience is the most negatively impacting factor of a canine team. Since then time our program has been tested thoroughly by the University of Florida during two scientific papers and the USDA in the most recent research involving the detection of canker in orange groves. During the application canines were deployed from a vehicle and allowed to work autonomously in a grove while searching for the citrus disease which resulted in the identification of lesions as small as a pinhead on a leaf 14ft high.