J&K Canine Academy / Scentworx is the first company in the world with an independent, scientifically backed training program. Our training method produce the most efficient and effective entomology scent detection canines in the industry.

Our scent detection program is plug and play. As long as we are able to acquire and isolate the odor we are able train a canine to detect the presence of said odor. Your input on environment, location, limitations, and other needs will allow us to provide you with a field ready detection canine trained in-house from the imprinting on up at or facility, a handler course and a knowledge based support system unrivaled in the world of conservation.  As of delivery, all dogs are microchipped spayed/neutered, vaccinated and come with State of Florida required health certificate. Our dedication to you and availability to answer any question, provide an interactive resolution to any problem or any issue you may encounter in training or the field  is all part of the program.